office with wooden desk, shelves, and floorIt is easy for a work or home office to get out of control, since that’s where you probably have the most paperwork, supplies and other business related items. If you are like most people, you are working on multiple projects at one time. Getting organized so that you have easy access to everything you need for your taxes will relieve stress and save time.
When it comes to an office, the rule of thumb in professional organizing is that it can be a help to get everything contained in their proper container/file. I usually start with the desk or where the most crucial documentation is located. I also evaluate everything you have for storage, from file cabinets to credenzas, boxes to bins, etc. This storage is a must, especially since you want the information along with supplies, easily available, yet out of the way. I prefer drawers and when organizing drawer dividers come in handy.
The documents you will need for taxes, including those big ticket item and home improvement receipts, bank statements, tax documents such as 1099’s and the like, will be a priority. From there, we will organize the space. I always take into consideration your esthetic requests as well because because you want your office to be appealing to you. After all, you will work there and what is better than a space you love and want to be in.
Once everything is in place, commitments to keep things this way will be addressed. Putting things back in their homes takes seconds, compared to the stress and anxiety of not putting the item back and having trouble finding just what you are looking for. Those seconds will save your time later on and you will feel relaxed.
While I am an old school organizer, unplugged as you could call it, I recognize that many offices are moving towards going paperless, or as paperless as possible. So along with a working scanner and shredder, you’ll need organization.
If you need help setting up your filing system and preparing for tax time, it would be my pleasure to help you. I understand what files are pertinent and can work closely with you or independently. You can reach me at 914-954-1092, or email me at