I was in the military and had just settled into quarters when I received NEW short notice orders to report to Central America for 6 months.  I wasn’t finished going through my personal belongings and there was no chance that was going to happen before leaving.  To add to my dilemma I ended up with STREP THROAT shortening my pack up time.  I heard about this lady who would come in and go through my things and organize them for storage, travelling, disposal, whatever.  In comes Rosemary and within 4 days she had me packed up and ready to go.  She had everything neatly organized for storage.  My personal papers were sorted and filed and I ended up with 13 big leaf bags full of old mail and useless papers for shredding that had piled up over the years.  She even subcontracted a shredding company for me to come out and dispose of those items.  She went through everything meticulously making sure not to get rid of anything important and using discretion with my personal items.  Excellent job and very trustworthy! Thanks Rose! 


Leading a very fast paced life, as a physician, I found myself with paper management issues.  I hired Rosemary to help me with this project.  As it turned out, she guided me through the techniques to go through the process of elimination and then file those papers that I needed to have in retention.  It was a self awareness exercise that I am very happy to have accomplished with her. 


After being divorced for many years, I was in need of an update to my style.  I turned the corner and had a wake up call to take care of my living space.  I was holding on to memories that no longer identified me.  I needed help from a person who had the expertise, understanding, compassion, and the respect to assess my situation.  I hired Rosemary and the process started with three boxes.  She made the transition as smooth as possible and even helped me shop for my new style.  She has a sweet way of explaining the process, making it seamless and effortless.  She has an artistic style and finesse.  With her, I donated a number of pieces I no longer need.  Now my home has a cohesive flow that represents my new chapter.  Thank you Rosemary!