Top Tips for Merging Two Homes Into One

So you’re moving in together? Maybe you’re getting married. Or not. Regardless, moving from one place to another is stressful enough, but moving from two places into one… well that’s another story. Here are some tips for making life easier on both of you as you make the transition. Make a list of your belongings and prioritize by what you can’t live without, what you love and want to keep, what you just need for necessity’s sake and what you can live without. Make a thorough checklist of storage (spaces and furniture) in your new home. Swap lists and write down the pros and cons by each of the items on your partner’s list. Review the lists together and agree on where you can make compromises based on the space you will have in your new...

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How to Organize Your Closet

1) FADS DO NOT STICK, CLASSIC PIECES DO! Keep fun and trendy pieces to a minimum.  Purchase complimentary clothing to mix and match, creating a well styled wardrobe.  That also goes for accessories and handbags. 2) KEEP ONLY THE CLOTHES YOU FIT IN AND MAKE YOU FEEL AMAZING! It is a necessity to wear only those clothes that you feel comfortable in and want to wear everywhere. 3) IF YOU HAVE NOT WORN THAT SPECIAL OCCASION OUTFIT IN A YEAR OR TWO — LET IT GO! If your clothing is damaged and can be repaired – do so, otherwise, toss it.  Stains are not in fashion. 4) REMOVE STRESS BY KEEPING SEASONAL CLOTHES TOGETHER. Weather changes, especially in this day and in Florida.  Keeping all items accessible is a smart thing to do.  This...

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How to Organize and Stage to Sell Quickly

DO YOU WANT TO SELL QUICKLY? When you are selling a house which is known as your home, the first thing a person from Home Staging or any other home staging organization will say, is that you will need to declutter and de-personalize it. It may be easier than you expect. First there are all the photographs and artwork that is of a personal nature. To make the move as effortless and with the least steps, gather and pack these in small to medium size boxes. Wrap photos in frames, in bubble wrap. Artwork can be stored in an attic or a storage room, keeping them safe until the moving company you choose, packs them professionally. If you are doing the move yourself, you will most certainly need mirror and artwork boxes to pack these items....

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