garage nicely organizedClients, at times, want me to take over organizing their belongings. Yet what I do for you, is different than what I would do for me. I need to listen to you…what are your priorities? What must you keep? What do you WANT to keep? What can you live without? These are the questions I need you to answer. My job is doing an excellent job of getting what you say.

When it comes to organizing, I work closely with you, making sure I know what is important to you, and what your vision is for the future. I start by learning more about you, how your clutter emerged, and more importantly, why. The why is how WE will help change your behavior in the future. This is done without judgment. I will put myself in your shoes and compassionately help treat your situation. Clutter and chaos often occur when people are dealing with some sort of life change, trauma or just everyday demands of their time and energy. Everyone is different and unique and that dictates how we will approach and tackle the problem.

The following step is to begin to clear the clutter. I will help you to set up systems that you can easily follow and maintain, based on your time, space and energy priorities. Once everything is in it’s place after performing the “Big 3’s” (keep, donate, toss,) we will discuss ways for you to maintain your organizational habits. It many cases, it will take minimal time during the day. Still you might find it challenging to maintain your orderliness long-term, especially when you lead a busy life. If that is the case, no need to worry. Hiring a professional organizer might be the right thing for you on a periodic basis, to help you stay clutter and worry free.

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