More about Organizing Your Closet

closet--before and after organizationOrganizing closets is one of the things I do most, so I’m often talking about it. This is my second blog about it. It’s so easy for a closet to get out of order, especially if you keep a busy schedule and you’re a shopper.

Now that we’re approaching “season” in South Florida, you might be thinking now’s the time to rearrange your closet. If you think it’s because of cooler weather, you probably don’t need to do much if anything since we only have a few cold spells here. Most of your clothes can be worn year round. But here are a few (more) thoughts on making your closet the most organized it can be.

Organize clothes by category and color

Even if you have a winter jacket next to a summer jacket, it’s easier to find them if they are together with all of your jackets and aligned by color.  Same with shoes. Group all of your sandals together by color, and do the same with your other shoe categories, such as pumps and sports shoes. You can also use signs on hangars, boxes or dividers to identify and separate your items.

Consider the space you have available

If your closet is full, don’t add to it without taking the equivalent out. In fact, if you consistently do this and put your clothes back in the same place after you wear them, you really don’t have to reorganize your closet on a periodic basis. It will stay organized.

Remove items you don’t or can’t wear anymore

Whether you’ve had a change in weight or a change in taste or the condition of the piece has changed, take items out that you won’t wear anymore.  And what should you do with them? If the clothing is still in good shape, I always say donate them to a charity or thrift store that has some meaning for you, such as Habitat for Humanity or a woman’s shelter.  If the item isn’t re-sellable at a thrift store for some reason, some of the fabric might be. I recommend Resource Depot for donations of fabric, textiles and many other household and office items.


Resource Depot in West Palm Beach is ideal for cleaning out clutter throughout your home and office. They accept items from paper clips to CDS, from art supplies to jewelry pieces. Check out their website:

Does cleaning out your closet seem overwhelming to you?

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