Rosemary Lacovara

I am Rosemary Lacovara. I specialize in transforming residential living and work space into something that is both beautiful and functional. I am poised to tackle any de-cluttering or reorganization challenge you throw at me -- I just love organizing, plain and simple!

I have always been an organizing fool. As a child, I would organize my mother’s things throughout the house. She would say I was her righthand man. I do that well. Then I spent 30 years doing bookkeeping and accounting assistance work (117 bank reconciliations a month amongst other office duties) -- organizational skills was a big part of the job description. I had to literally re-organize the accounting office for two past employers. So when I decided to change careers, the logical choice productivity and organizing consultancy. When my sister saw me in action, she said, “that is what you should do.” I always got a feeling of great accomplishment from my bookkeeping work. Now my feeling of great accomplishment comes from working with people like you.

My passion lies in the fact that I bring order to chaos in everyday lives. I don't just do it for my clients, I teach them to remain clutter-free on their own, long after I am gone. I help those going through life changes, with empathy, compassion and non-judgement. Those changes could be divorce (been there), illness (been there), death in the family (been there too, sad to say), expecting a new baby (definitely not been there), empty nest (kinda been there or am there now). I can relate to all these things....even the new baby, because my extended family keeps growing! And best of all, I specialize in improving your spaces using what you already have, rather than asking you to buy a pile of organizing supplies. That’s a yay!

I also infuse my organizing with creativity. Art has always been a part of my life, and a strong suit throughout the rest of the family as well. My mother and eldest sister taught me to sew, my brothers at one time or another were military, one sister is a master stained glass artisan and my other sister is an accomplished business professional and educator. They all influence me greatly. I took varied coursework at an arts college in New York, dabbling in painting, drawing, metal-smithing, jewelry making and pottery. I also sang and wrote music. Organizing is my vocation, but art is my avocation. You could call me jack of all trades, master of none -- except organizing. Organizing is what I do in every part of my life.

I am fortunate to have traveled quite a bit. I have been in many types of homes and I enjoy seeing different people’s take on design. There is no real right or wrong in design. Friends ask me for decorating, color and organizing advice, a lot. I love giving it. I do not think I am the authority, yet in my humble opinion, it really only is my opinion. And because it is mine, I want to put my best advice out there.

I have a place for everything and everything is in its place. I find peace in that. I have been in homes where you could not walk, due to every part of the floor having something on it, or in which books were stacked one on top of the other throughout and it was like a maze, carefully walking so as not to cause the domino effect. Hence, these places influenced me to take care of my own -- and now, my organizing clients', as well.

I'll admit that I am a bit old school. I like the paper files and keeping paper documents. I don’t scan that many things, unless some legal reason has me doing so. I consider myself the "unplugged organizer" -- I don't believe that you need a bunch of fancy apps or high-tech gadgets to stay organized. I can teach you how to manage any part of your life with nothing more than a notepad, paper calendar, and a pen!

My hopes are that you feel your own innate organizational skills develop as you work with me -- either coming back with a vengeance if you've gotten off-track, something you pick up without missing a beat if you're just starting out. I will offer encouragement at every turn -- showing you patience and understanding instead of judgement. It is not my place in this world to judge others, it is my place to help you succeed.

I am a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) as well as the International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP). I currently reside in Palm Beach County, Florida.